Purity Ring

pink lightning




some people lie and believe
they'll never die
there is no value in youth
unless it is wise and kind

as much as i am myself
this is a matter of wealth
arrows of emeralds lead in our minds unfold

lest we forget regret
foraging treasures left
this is temporal
all we have is our temperament

if i could i would let you see through me
hold our skin over the light to hold the heat
flood the halls with ruby insides til we spill
wonder what it feels like
if i could i would let you see through me

moisture from their breath
covers to bring our death
the warmth of their health hovers
to keep us unwell
be well



pink lightning

i would that the world become you give it time
blooming like the shadows upon you i drowned beside
floating on the water to show me your softer side
while everything is spinning beneath til
it falls like glass
just give it time
the sands will pass
heavy are the winds from the east they have come to see
fallen like hundred year old trees missed your body
watching as i comb through the pieces on the beach
patient as i bury my wrath
under pink lightning
i bear to breathe
the smoke will fall
o cease me
heavy as the weight in my chest o this seldom dread
lying in the dark with a wake curled over my head
in all my blood i'd rather be found o my recklessness
thunder o the fury of peace
i rest between
the echoing
o cease me
warm water rises
it still feels like i can't stop crying
hold me inside it
it still feels like the storm's not dying
all that was undone
was done when we were young
i'm not sure how it feels quite




o what am i missing
you said the kindest thing
o what am i missing
anyone has ever said to me

you were playing nervous while you were playing with the drapes
mention somebody else and somebody else
trying to escape
they were like your family but not like i am me
spoken like a prophet
in all your misery

one day soon the sky will fall and i'll be forced to see
somebody else somebody else
but you will already be
here and not for wanting to be crying oer the sink
for somebody else and somebody else
left you there to breathe

peace comes at dawn
but yours comes at night
riding your bicycle
into the light
ride like a maniac
into the light



i like the devil

mother laid her elbows on the bed
whispering her wishes to the threads
weaving in the weight of all our dread
wiping up the stains of our regret

heal her hands by kneading up the bread
cleaning off her fingers as she wept
lurk within her gleaming silhouette
then seal in our wonder to ferment

what is happiness but a word
spoken from on high for what it's worth
flown beneath the wings of little birds
but i have felt the wind crawl where we're cursed
find us in the folded parts she pressed
lying in positions like we've slept
find us in the hallows of her chest
lying in positions like we've slept

i like the devil can fly
i read her sweet mind last night
i like god can fly
i held a candle over her fright




all of the water seeped up
carrying sickness creeped up
while you were sleeping
you woke in a sea of dark liquid

tell me a story how time will pass how sorrow slid
down the hands that held you
into the truth you know we hid

the sound of longing
pouring out your mouth
we're drowning

now may your breath bring autumn
and may your health beseed the spring
now may you rest a long one
for in your death will heaven bring

run until the tears run dry
until you cannot breathe
o'er the hills where i
too someday will leave




rest like you belong here
with your damp hair
with your chest heaving
soar out over the long land
with your cold hands
to watch the plains receding

waves up off of the pavement
will carry you in
it's like your sweat is cleaning
you swallowed the sinew
my body passed through
before i began breathing

drawn out like the laurentiens
out through your window
color the grace in our age
peer down into the craters
under the lost lakes
where clarity is buried

waves up off of the pavement
will carry you in
it's like your sweat is cleaning
you swallowed the sinew
my body passed through
before i began breathing

when the night falls
and the light dawns
off each other's bodies now you see
when the land falls
and the tide crawls
off each other's bodies you're in me




climb the long stairs
to the thin air
over clouds and past the moon
don't look down there
leave your long prayers
there is no one here but you

o my an angel
if we are brave enough
o she'll take our anger up
o my an angel
i've waited long enough
o the mountain opened up

as the blood pours down your shoulders
as the lake comes up to you
beaming terror like a mirror
from the water how you flew
head over the collarbone sun over the horizon
when you broke how it shone
head over the horizon

do you think that you could ever fly
in the twinkling of your burning eye
to the forest of your fervent youth
where began the end of all we knew




i saw the bottom of the ocean
my pores would pour my soul down there
kick it up keep it under
i'll wait for years until the clouds spin their silk
there's so much blood down here
kick it up await the thunder

weight is a pressure hold me together
don't forget to close my eyes to not impose
death is a measure lay me forever
the world is on my back i'm staring into blackness o

if there were a creature who'd sail over us would they see
the future in blackness above on the edge where i'll be
if there were a creature who dug deep enough would they see
the future in the blackness beneath in the end where i keep

fear how the stillness stares back like it knows what i mean
i fear me
forgiveness forget will spread evenly over the dead
oer our death




i couldn't see over your back your skin was racked
with seasons to swallow you are my almanac
o make me grow

push me out from the land
i'll lick the salt off of your hands
swim over bodies that fell
open my eyes to nothing but you
the changing sea
the universe meets
to swallow me

i climbed a mountain up your spine i climbed inside your mind
up to your eyes to make you blind to make you mine
you are my almanac





drive me like we daydreamed
to the edge of where you start
leave me in the afterglow
the dew of dying stars

the storm is coming
i feel it in my scars
and in the morning
we'll wonder where we are
nothing lies above
nothing lies below
leave me here floating
i will know i know

how you move how you knew
hold me down hold me true
how you move how you knew
your ever beating heart nothing seems so far

the world turns over
i will be lost in you
hide in the static
o push me through and through
i would fall from
your sweet height to prove
that all i am is meant
to bleed and bloom

i know it seems far but just be where you are